Bonus Segment: Wild Elephant Roams Sri Lankan Hotel

A Sri Lankan hotel has something that you won't see at nearly every other hotel in the world. An elephant as a guest.

Video has emerged from a guest of the Jetwing Yala hotel, in the south-east of the country, showing a full-grown Asian bull elephant named Natta Kota, or short tail, roaming around the hotel. He's apparently been "the hotel's most loyal patron" since 2013 according to hotel staff.

Natta Kota showed up a few years ago and was allowed to remain in peace and now spends his days sleeping in the shade of the scrubs and taking walks along the hotel's footpaths. However, he can be a bit moody and is known to steal fruit from cars and food supplies from the kitchen. Hotel guests are warned to keep an eye on their fruit.

Source: TMZ

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