Fans Freak Over Brad & Jen’s SAG Awards Reunion

Awards this weekend – this time, in front of the cameras. The famous exes’ public reunion has fans – from both Hollywood and the Twitterverse – totally freaking out.

We’ve been telling you that the two have rekindled their friendship, but this is the most “PDA” fans have seen since they split in 2005. At the SAGs, Brad playfully held on to Jen’s arm as they passed each other on the busy red carpet. The ultimate “awww” moment? Brad was literally stopped in his tracks by Jen’s acceptance speech for Best Actress, just moments after he took home Best Supporting Actor… and he was beaming.

Needless to say, fans are having the best kind of meltdown. That includes Jen’s “Friends” co-star Courteney Cox. She’s “liked” a ton of photos of Jen and Brad’s reunion posted by the Instagram account Comments By Celebs.

Photo Credit: Getty Images