AG Barr: Saudis Expelled, Pensacola Shooting Was Act Of Terrorism

Attorney General Bill Barr is calling last month's deadly shooting at the Pensacola Naval Air Station an “act of terrorism.” As you might recall, the shooter was a Saudi Air Force officer who was part of a training mission at the base.

At a briefing, Barr noted that the shooter was motivated by "jihadist ideology." And while Barr allowed that the shooter had no ties to other known terrorists or terror groups, Barr notes he was clearly on a mission. In this case, that meant the death of three U.S. servicemembers were killed and eight others.

As for the Saudi nationals in the U.S. for military training? Barr says 21 of them are out. While none of them helped the shooter, the investigation revealed that 17 had social media “containing some jihadi or anti-American content.” And 15 trainees (including some of the 17 just mentioned) “had some kind of contact with child pornography."

But Barr has also thrown down the gauntlet at Apple – demanding the company help federal investigators get into the shooter's two iPhones. Barr says Apple has been “uncooperative,” but the company disputes that says it started working with investigators within hours of the shooting December 6th and didn't know the FBI needed more help until January 6th. At issue are the encrypted passwords – Barr says they can’t crack them.

Source: C-SPAN