Canadian Prime Minister Promises Justice For Plane Crash Victims

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is promising justice for the victims of the airliner that was shot down by an Iranian missile. As we’ve been telling you, dozens of Canadian citizens were on the flight. A memorial service was held for those victims yesterday - and Trudeau participated.

Trudeau said it was a tragedy that never should've happened and authorities in Canada won't rest until there's justice. He also assured that officials are working to make sure there is a full, transparent investigation of the crash. As far as “justice,” he hasn’t been entirely clear on what shape that might take.

In spite of their initial flat-out denials, Iran now admits they’re responsible, but maintains that the plane was shot down accidentally. As we’ve reported separately, the reaction of the Iranian people has been intense – with the crowds calling for the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to resign – and leave – Iran.

Source: BBC News