Weinstein's Lawyers Want Judge To Recuse Himself

As jury selection in Harvey Weinstein's New York criminal case rolls on, his attorneys are asking Judge James Burke, who is presiding over case, to recuse himself. Defense attorney Arthur Aidala [[eye-DALL-la]] says his client is receiving a lack of fair and impartial treatment.

How so? As we told you yesterday, Judge Burke scolded Weinstein for using a cellphone in the courtroom – and Weinstein’s team sees that admonishment as proof of "animus" against Weinstein. He’s also upset with the slow pace of the trial.

Speaking of that pace, about 75-percent of the 120 potential jurors were excused yesterday because they said they already made up their minds about Weinstein. While Burke considers that request, jury selection continues – it’s expected to take up to two-weeks at its current pace.

ONE MORE THING! Previous to the rape and assault allegations, Weinstein was known for making movies, but now? He's making scenes. Following an August car accident, it was declared that there were "no injuries." But by December, docs said he needed surgery - which he had last month. Since then, he's been seen going to court hunched over a walker and looking haggard. Yesterday, with cameras flashing, he even "struggled" up some stairs. Does he really need it or is it a play for sympathy. A number of experts say "no" - his defense team says "yes."

Source: USA Today