Bonus Segment: Florida Man Woken Up By Man Who Broke Into House

A Florida man claims to have been woken up on Christmas Eve by a home intruder sucking on his toes, according to a police report. The unnamed 20-year-old man in Bradenton, Florida told police that he was soundly asleep when the sensation of a man sucking his toes snapped him out of his slumber, according to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The man apparently did not appreciate that fact that his toes were unexpectedly lodged in a stranger's mouth, responding with a violent barrage that brought the toe sucking to a halt and forced the intruder away from the house.

Apparently unfazed by the assailant's gun threat, the man continued to successfully fight off his attacker, punching him "across the face for approximately 30 seconds." After finally wearing down the toe sucker, the man was able to return inside his home and call the police. However, the intruder was seemingly unwilling to give up his attack at that point.

The man says the intruder ran back towards his house and punched out the glass in his front window. He then jumped on top of the man's car and "stomped on the windshield" until it broke, before escaping the scene on foot.

The Smoking Gun reports that they spoke with the victim, who claims that he hurt his hands hitting the intruder. He described the suspect as an approximately 5'11" black male between the ages of 20 and 25 with a shaved head. In addition to the sexual assault, he is said to have caused over $1,000 in physical damage to the man's home and property.

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