Partisan Rift On Display In First Judiciary Impeachment Hearing

A House impeachment hearing is over and the only GOP witness contradicted testimony he gave years ago – but we’ll get to that in a second. Whether you think that President Trump’s behavior regarding Ukraine is impeachable or not, the partisan rift over impeachment is growing wider

During the latest House impeachment hearing, three legal experts testified Trump did abuse his power and it’s impeachable. As for the general theme on either side of the aisle:

Ohio Republican Jim Jordan ripped the way Democrats are handling the issue. He called it a "pre-determined impeachment."

New York Democrat Jerry Nadler said the facts are undisputed and argued that Trump abused his power in pressuring Ukraine to investigate Democrats. Nadler chairs the Judiciary Committee, which is responsible for drawing up formal articles of impeachment.

But about that Republican witness? Jonathan Turley argued there was no proof President Trump broke a law in the Ukraine scandal. Yet in 1998 he said former President Bill Clinton's actions didn't need to violate any laws in order to be impeached. As it relates to Trump, Turley’s message was that the process is moving too fast – and that his guilty just hasn’t been proven.

Either way, the Judiciary Committee is expected to bring articles of impeachment to the House for a vote. If they pass, it's off to the Senate for trial.

Source: C-SPAN