Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning

Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning

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Anonymous Speaks?

For more than a year, the world has wondered who “Anonymous” is...as in, ‘who’ is the alleged “White House insider” who penned the scathing “New York Times” Op-Ed last year, which purports to detail the Trump administration as ‘chaotic’ and worse.

More recently, that same person released “A Warning,” a book breaking down allegations about the President and his staffers even more. But we may be getting closer to finding out the actual identity of the writer.

Taking to Reddit in the “Ask Me Anything” section last night, a person identifying themselves as ‘Anonymous,’ the person who has only been identified as "a senior official in the Trump administration" — says they will come forward, though they won’t say when exactly. So, is it really him/her? Reddit says they’ve been assured by the publisher of “A Warning” that it is. S/he took questions for an hour, here are some highlights of what was said:

In their opening statement, ‘Anonymous’ pulled no punches. “Trump thrives on distractions, and anonymity is a way to deprive him of his favorite weapon of mass distraction – personal attacks – and force the discussion to center on the substance, his character,” they wrote. “We've seen this on full display in the past few weeks, as the President has mercilessly attacked honorable public servants, from an anonymous whistleblower to aides on his own National Security Council. He can't win on ideas, just on mud slinging and personal attacks. So he's trying to use the long arm of government to unmask and undermine his critics.”

As for questions, ‘Anonymous’ apologized for previous suggestions that there would be government officials ready to right the Trump ship. “Americans cannot and should not rely on a group of unelected bureaucrats to maintain stability,” s/he offered. “Their confidence in the Executive Branch should be measured primarily by their faith in the President himself, not be the people around him, even if those people are able to dissuade him sometimes from making poor decisions.”

“What if Trump is re-elected? “We can expect this and much, much more if he is reelected,” Anonymous wrote. “The last guardrails are coming off, and if reelected he will feel emboldened to follow those dangerous impulses to unknowable and alarming ends. There is a great deal that was left out of the book, out of necessity. But there is more to come, in due course.”

“Why aren’t there more whistleblowers?” “There are more potential whistleblowers; they just haven't made the decision to come forward yet,” Anonymous replied. “I assure you many people have witnessed the President's corruption. They are hesitant to speak up because they see what he does to his critics.”

“Is (Trump) suffering from Dementia or some other serious neurological disorder?” “If there were a diagnosable disorder, we'd be unlikely to know the truth,” the writer noted. “It's become almost second-hand for the President to dispatch aides to lie on his behalf, including about his stability and mental acuity.”

“What would you say to Trump supporters?” “I wrote (the book) as a wake-up call to Americans who, like me, hoped for the best when it came to the Trump Presidency and wanted him to succeed,” said Anonymous. “I want them to see what I've seen firsthand, which is that the man has daily displayed his unfitness for office and, frankly, that he's a danger to the country. I don't make these comments lightly. But as public servants our oath is not to a man, it's to the Constitution.”

“Why won’t you reveal yourself?” “Trump will hear from me,” the writer explained. “In my own name, before the 2020 election.”

Source: Reddit

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