Bill Cosby Gives First Prison Interview

Bill Cosby has broken his silence, sitting down for his first interview since starting his prison sentence for aggravated indecent assault. Speaking to the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s Black Press USA, the comedian gives an update on what he’s up to behind bars and calls his trials “a set-up.”

The comedian isn’t counting on parole for his 3-to-10-year sentence, he’s ready to serve the rest of the eight years and nine months he has left at the maximum-security penitentiary, SCI-Phoenix. Cosby says when the time comes, he won’t be showing “remorse” for a shorter sentence, because he’s not about to admit to something he doesn’t believe he did.

Basically, he’s calling the whole trial a sham, echoing statements he’s made before about it being a “political,” racially-motivated “set up.” Besides that, he calls himself a “privileged man in prison,” referring to his cell as “my penthouse.”

While he’s behind bars, Cosby says he’s been speaking for the prison reform program “Mann Up,” helping educate and empower his fellow African American inmates.

Source: Black Press USA

Photo Credit: Getty Images