Bonus Segment: A Bar Gives Women Free Drinks Based On Their Weight

A bar called the Fusion Club in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates is offering a new promotion where women get free drinks based on how much they weigh. But it doesn't benefit the real skinny girls because, the more you weigh, the more money towards free drinks you'll get.

So it seems with the exchange rate that for every pound a woman weighs, she gets around 12.3 cents worth of drink credits.

So a woman who weighs 150 pounds would get roughly $18.50 worth of free drinks. A woman who weighs 200 pounds would get $24.60 worth of drinks.

Women have the option to step on a scale at the entrance to the bar, or just share their own weight. And they can show it to the bartender discreetly so they don't have to publicly reveal their weight.

The owner of the club says they're running the promotion through the end of the year because "We wanted the ladies to surprise their partners and friends that it's good to gain weight."

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