Kanye West Takes His Act To Texas

Kanye West hit Texas hard over the weekend. He started on Friday with a performance at the Harris County Jail in Houston. He and his 100-voice choir performed hour-long sets of his gospel record for both the male and female population of the facility.

Kanye teamed up with Joel Osteen for yesterday’s 11am service. He discussed how he’d been raised in church but found it boring as a kid. It probably didn’t help that his parents took him three times a week to a megachurch in Chicago.

He also touched on his mental breakdown in 2016, which drove him to divorce most of the people in his inner circle because they weren’t “real Christians.” Instead, they were – in his opinion – yes me who were beholden to the almighty dollar.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Kanye chat if he didn’t pump himself up a bit. He told Joel that he was the greatest artist God ever created – only made better by the fact that he’s back in Jesus’ camp.

Meanwhile, Kanye's choir performance wasn’t without hiccups. Although the tickets were free, scalpers got a hold of them and were trying to sell them. Sadly for those who paid, the scalper tickets were invalidated.

Source: E! Online