Bonus Segment: A Man Nearly Died Because Of Parasite

You might think twice about swimming in a lake after hearing this story. A British man named James Michael went on a dream vacation to Lake Malawi in Africa back in August of 2017. While he was there he joined some friends for a swim in the lake. Apparently, while he was swimming in this lake, a parasitic worm managed to crawl into his body through his genitalia and laid eggs inside him.

He didn't know it had happened until almost a year later when he started losing feeling in his legs and having spinal issues. It took the doctors a while to figure out why but they found that it was a parasite in his body.

Fortunately, they were able to get him some medication that killed the worms but if doctors hadn't figured it out, he could have died.

Unfortunately for James, there will be long-lasting effects. He says the doctors have told him there's only about a 30% chance he'll make a full recovery but it will take 10 years.

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