President Trump Weighs in On Impeachment Hearings

If you’re wondering what President Trump thinks about the impeachment hearings, that’s a complicated answer. Speaking at the White House, Trump says he has "not watched one minute" of the first public impeachment hearings.

Why? Trump called the investigation is “a sham” and added that he has prioritized hosting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. During a press conference with President Erdogan, the President reiterated that the impeachment inquiry is a hoax and it should not be allowed to happen.

Trump added that he wants to know who the whistleblower is and told a reporter that they were "wasting" Erdogan's time by asking questions about impeachment. But it’s not as though he’s ignoring the event completely – he’s been retweeting clips of the testimony as well as comments in support of his position.

Source: White House