Bonus Segment: Man Survives Crocodile Attack By Poking It In The Eye

Crocodile Dundee would be really proud of this fisherman.

An off-duty Australian wildlife ranger caught way more than he bargained for when he was attacked by a crocodile while fly fishing alone on a beach in Cape York, Queensland state. The crocodile grabbed the ranger by his legs and hand and tried to drag him down but the ranger fought with the crocodile, then gouged it in the eye, which finally forced the croc to release him from its jaws.

The man was severely injured, with a bite on his hand ripping open skin to expose tendon and muscle according to authorities. The ranger was an hour from home and any help so, with two injured legs and a mangled hand, he drove his car home, where a neighbor helped tend to his injuries.

He eventually made it to a hospital, had surgery and is in a stable condition.

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