Bonus Segment: Woman Arrested For Playing Frisbee Topless

Getting arrested in Colorado appears to pay really well.

The city of Loveland, Colorado has agreed to pay a woman $50,000 and drop all charges against her after she was accused of indecent exposure for playing Frisbee topless in her front yard. Apparently 20-year-old Efrosini "Effie" Krokos, received a ticket after playing Frisbee in her yard with her husband on September 26, 2019. Her breasts were exposed.

It seems that the courts have ruled in the past that it is legal for women to appear topless in any place it would be legal for a man to appear topless. The woman brought this up to the officer who arrested her and he told her that was just a rumor and that the courts never ruled that way in any case. He was wrong and now the city of Loveland has cut this woman a $50,000 check for her pain and suffering.

The $50,000 settlement is the first damage claim paid to a woman wrongfully charged for being topless in the U.S.

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