Arctic Blast Sees 2,100+ Flights Canceled Nationwide Amid Snow, Ice

Millions are bundling up and trying to stay warm as a deep freeze blankets much of the nation. The cold temps are expected to drop low enough to break more than 300 records through tomorrow. Some areas could get more than a foot of snow.

At least six inches already fell in Chicago where a plane slid off the runway yesterday. Meanwhile, icy roads are also causing havoc and the travel nightmare will only get worse. More than 21-hundred flights were canceled yesterday along with over 13-thousand delayed. And for clarity, freeze watches and warnings are in place from Colorado to Maine.

As for what’s causing all the trouble, we can blame an "arctic airmass" that started in Siberia. At last check, officials are blaming four deaths on the conditions – from car crashes linked to the weather. Bottom line? If you’re in an affected area, pay attention to warnings – and if you’re flying to or through? Check with your airlines before you head to the airport.

Source: CBS News