White House Pushes Back As Impeachment Inquiry Shifts To Public Phase

House Democrats are getting things ready for public hearings on impeaching President Trump. As we told you before, witnesses begin their testimonies on Wednesday.

California Democrat Adam Schiff, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, says the move comes so that members of the public can listen and "make their own determinations" as to whether the President is guilty of treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors and therefore should be impeached.

Not surprisingly, the White House sees things completely differently and is pushing back hard on ahead of this week's public hearings. Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham tells Fox News much of the focus has been on protecting the anonymous whistleblower, but she said a key question remains: where the whistleblower who filed the complaint got the information. President Trump has called the inquiry a hoax and called for the whistleblowers to be outed – something prohibited by federal law.

Meanwhile, in case you’re wondering how much Twitterspace President Trump is giving to the impeachment inquiry, Axios compiled an impressive list. On Saturday, while flying to and from a collegiate football game in Alabama, President Trump tweeted or retweeted 82 times. Though in September, he set a personal tweeting record by tweeting or retweeting nearly 800 times, almost 100 posts beyond what he published in any previous month of his presidency so far.

Source: Fox News