Poll Shows Bloomberg Leading Trump

He’s not ‘officially official’ yet, but former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is beating President Trump in a new poll. A new Morning Consult/Politico poll shows Bloomberg leading Trump by six percentage points among likely voters.How does that stack up?

  • Bloomberg leads Trump, 43% to 37% with 21% unsure(six-points)
  • Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders leads Trump, 45% to 40% with 16% unsure(five-points)
  • Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren leads the president, 45% to 39% with 15 percent unsure(six-points)
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden leads Trump, 44% to 40% with 16% unsure.(four-points)

As we reported last week, the billionaire has not officially announced that he's running – he’s merely has filed papers to be on the ballot in the Alabama Democratic Primary in March. Among Democratic contenders, Bloomberg is in sixth place. And while that may not sound like much, consider that there are currently 16 candidates officially in the race for the Democratic nomination – 17 if Bloomberg gets in.

  • Thing is? While a spoiler some may consider him to be, Bloomberg has the highest disapprovals of any candidate, with 25%. His net favorability is highest among primary voters 65 or older and those who identify as conservative, and lowest among self-identified independents and those aged 18-29. So a lot depends on what happens once he declares – and how he campaigns.

Source: Morning Consult/Politico

Photo Credit: Getty Images