Bonus Segment: Men Have “Selective Hearing” Seven Times A Week With Partner

At least seven times a week, your wife or girlfriend is right when she complains that you’re not listening to her. A new study from Scrivens Hearing Care looked at 2,000 adults. Of those, 75% said their significant others had “selective hearing” when it came to listening.

For the men, they averaged 388 hearing lapses a year…or just over seven times in the course of a week. In the survey, women were more attentive – though not by much...with an average of 339 lapses in a year (or just over six times in the course of a week).

Of course, the study doesn’t specify what was being talked about during these moments. Surely, the ladies would say this means they pay attention and care more…whereas the guys would be justified in feeling like what they were saying was simply far more interesting and captivating to listen to.

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