Cuba Gooding Jr. Enters Not Guilty Pleas For New Charges

As we told you before, Cuba Gooding Jr. was in a Manhattan courtroom yesterday. Turns out, he was arraigned on new charges related to a third alleged sex abuse victim. That brings the total of misdemeanor counts of forcible touching and sex abuse to six – two for each alleged victim. He's entered not guilty pleas on all of them.

But that's not all - 17 other women have come forward since the Oscar-winner’s last court appearance. Prosecutors are trying to see if they’re eligible to be so-called 'Molineux witnesses.' Those are witnesses allowed to testify at trial to establish a pattern of misconduct (also referred to as "prior bad acts"). And PS? This would be in addition to the other 12 Molineux witnesses that have already come forward.

Meanwhile, Assistant DA Jenna Long accused the Cuba’s people of leaking an edited video to TMZ that showed him touching Natasha Ashworth, the second victim. She’s also suing him for assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The video seems to support her account of the incident – that he touched her behind – but it’s not clear what kind of contact he made with her backside. You can judge for yourself in the video on the right.

Source: Page Six