House Rules Committee Advances Impeachment Resolution For Vote

The first formal vote on the impeachment investigation is going to happen this morning. The House Rules Committee passed a resolution late yesterday with Republicans offering up a slew of amendments. Nearly all were shot down by the Democrats.

The resolution establishes procedures for the investigation including public hearings and releasing deposition transcripts. Speaking of the procedures, the House committees conducting the impeachment inquiry are asking former National Security Director John Bolton to voluntarily appear for a deposition on November 7th.

The letter was sent to Bolton's attorneys and warns that if he refuses it will be considered evidence of obstruction of justice. No word if he’ll comply.

Bolton has emerged as a key witness based on the evidence of previous witnesses. He reportedly objected strongly to the effort to entice Ukraine to open investigations into the 2016 election and former Vice President Joe Biden and his family.

Source: The Week

Photo Credit: Getty Images