Dems Release House Impeachment Resolution

As expected, House Democrats have released the text of a resolution involving the next steps in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. The House is expected to vote on the resolution tomorrow. It will formally authorize public hearings and the transmission of witness depositions to the House Judiciary Committee.

As part of the resolution, Republicans would be allowed to request witness testimony in the open hearings. But the GOP isn’t exactly jumping for joy. House Republican Whip Steve Scalise [[ skall-EESE ]] complained that Democrats are running an unfair process. Speaking on Capitol Hill, Scalise said Democrats are denying White House lawyers an opportunity to participate in the process. He argued that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should "declare a mistrial."

Here’s the we told you before, the rules at play are those created by Republicans themselves. Just ask commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano, who recently explained on “Fox & Friends”. The rules regarding such proceedings were last written in January 2015 when Republicans held the majority in the House...and the Speaker of the House was John Boehner. Napolitano also said conducting depositions of witnesses to decide their value in a public impeachment proceeding was entirely appropriate.

Source: NBC News