California Burning. Again.

Officials have confirmed that four fires are burning out of control in the Golden State and that the worst are the Tick and Kincaide fires. The Tick Fire is torching Canyon Country north of Los Angeles has scorched over 39-hundred acres and is zero-percent contained. The biggest of four, the blaze has forced about 50-thousand people to evacuate so far.

The Kincaide Fire is burning in Northern California is getting bigger by the minute. Scorching northeastern Sonoma County, was reported around 9:30 Wednesday night and it has since blown up to an estimated ten-thousand acres. Crews haven't been able to get any containment lines around the blaze. Winds are driving the fire south and families are being forced to evacuate.

Ironically, the Kincaide fire apparently started in an area where PG&E shut off power on Wednesday in hopes of reducing the risk of wildfires. PG&E has since confirmed reported a faulty transmission line where the Kincade Fire started. Fire officials say strong winds that have been fanning the flames will continue into today. Forecasters say peak gusts could top 70-miles-per-hour.

Source: ABC-7