House Republicans Storm Into Impeachment Deposition

Frustrations are growing among House Republicans about the impeachment inquiry. And days after President Trump urged his GOP compadres to “get tougher,” apparently they are. A large group of Republicans – more than 40 – stormed into the secure room where depositions are being heard yesterday.

Before and during the “invasion,” they loudly complained that Democrats are leading a secretive impeachment investigation. Only members of three House committees that are conducting the inquiry – Democrats and Republicans – are allowed to take part in the depositions. Public hearings are expected to start once the private depositions are completed.

Meanwhile... a federal judge is ordering the State Department to turn over its Ukraine-related records. That includes any communications between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper is giving the department 30 days to hand over any records that relate to Trump's discussions with Ukraine about investigating former Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and a debunked conspiracy theory about the 2016 election. The ruling will likely be appealed.

How are the American people feeling about all this? According to the latest poll from Quinnipiac University, there's a slight uptick in the number of people who approve the impeachment inquiry against President Trump. The 55% of respondents who approve of the inquiry is the highest number they've recorded since asking the question, with 43% disapproving of the inquiry. For perspective, 51% approved last week, while 45% didn't. The President received mixed marks from respondents on two other issues, with 61% disapproving of how he's handling foreign policy in Syria, but 48% approving his handling of the economy.

Source: Politico