Bonus Segment: Massachusetts Lawmaker Proposes Making The B-Word Illegal

A Massachusetts lawmaker wants to outlaw saying the b-word to someone’s face.

Democratic Representative Daniel Hunt introduced legislation, to be heard by a committee this week, which would charge someone with a disorderly conduct offense if they use the word to "degrade or demean" another person. The fine would be 150-dollar for a first offense and six months in jail for subsequent offenses, plus a 200-dollar fine.

That means saying “son of a b****” would still be okay if you smacked your hand with a hammer. And, bonus, other words along the same line are excluded like battleaxe and witch. Bastard is also free and clear.

Victims or witnesses would be able to report the incident to police, who would then have to work to prosecute the misdemeanor. Legal experts have called the bill "patently unconstitutional," though Hunt says he filed it due to a constituent's request.

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