Trump Bails Out On Plan To Host G-7 At Doral

President Trump is backing off from plans to host next summer's G-7 summit at his resort in Miami. The President first tweeted Saturday night that they would no longer consider Trump National Doral as a host site because of criticism from the media and Democrats.

He called the opposition to the President giving the summit to his own property "irrational hostility." The President said he would host it at cost and if he could, no cost. Some Republicans joined with Democrats in saying it didn't look good for the President to award a major summit like the G-7 to his own property. Trump said other sites will be considered, including Camp David in Maryland.

How that squares with House Democrats planned on a vote to formal rebuke for awarding the contract to his own property remains to be seen. Dems were also considering an investigation into how the site was chosen and blocking any government money from being used at Trump properties.

Source: White House