There Was A “Meltdown” At The White House, But Whose?

Democrat Leadership walked out of a bipartisan meeting with President Trump at the White House yesterday – and that’s what everyone involved agrees on. From there? As the old saying goes, there are three-sides to the story: Dems, the President...and the truth.

Outside the White House, both Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Trump insulted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a tense meeting about Syria. Hoyer called it a "diatribe." Pelosi labeled it a "meltdown."

For his part, President Trump says Speaker Pelosi "needs help fast!" “Speaking” via Twitter, Trump says it was the California congresswoman who had a "total meltdown.” He also called her a "very sick person" who may have "something wrong with her 'upstairs.'" He also posted a series of photos from inside the meeting room.

One of those photos shows Pelosi standing and pointing toward the President – she’s responded by making that image her Twitter background.

What we know for sure? Democrats and Republicans have been urging Trump to reverse course on Syria. That’s something Pelosi says Trump has been "shaken up" by – the bipartisan House vote condemning his move. As in, the House voted yesterday on a nonbinding resolution to condemn the President’s recent withdrawal of American forces from northern Syria – and they did it with a 354-60 vote.

Source: C-Span