House Will Not Vote Yet On Impeachment Against Trump...Yet

As the White House locks down and rejects cooperation of any kind with the impeachment inquiry against President Trump, he’s been demanding a full House vote. And he’s not going to get one. That’s the word from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who says they will hold off on voting for now

The White House has pushed for a vote by the full House, claiming the impeachment inquiry isn't legitimate until a vote is held (not so, as the Constitution states the House "may determine the rules of its proceedings." Speaking at the Capitol, Pelosi said the House will continue to legislate, investigate and litigate before they decide to vote on articles of impeachment.

Pelosi noted that there is no requirement or time limit listed in the Constitution, so they will wait while House committees continue to investigate. Pelosi said this is "not a game" for Democrats, adding that they are on a path to truth on a timetable that respects the U.S. Constitution.

Source: C-SPAN