Cuba Gooding Jr. Enters Not Guilty Plea As More Accusers Surface

Cuba Gooding Jr. wore handcuffs for his Manhattan Supreme Court appearance yesterday. He was there to be arraigned for groping two women on two separate occasions. While he pleaded not guilty to one sex abuse charge and one forcible touching charge in the third degree for each woman – all misdemeanors – he’s now facing a total of 14 women.

The Oscar winner hasn’t been charged for the 12 additional women. Instead, they’re being introduced as Molineux witnesses to show a pattern of behavior on Cuba’s part. As we told you, Cuba was arrested for a groping incident in June. The incident he’s charged with happened in 2018. The other women’s allegations go as far back as 2001 and reference incidents in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and New York.

Gooding’s lawyer, Mark Heller, said that his client denies the allegations and added, “This is a typical scenario in which random people come out of the woodwork to accuse a celebrity who has already been charged. They have no credibility because Cuba was not charged with any of those allegations.” When the hearing was over, a smiling Cuba walked out of court handcuff-free with no comments for reporters.

Source: CNN