Whistleblower Might Not Testify Due To Security

The whistleblower who sparked an impeachment investigation against President Trump may not testify before Congress after all. The man overseeing it all says it's due to safety concerns. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff explains the primary goal is to protect the whistleblower.

On top of that., Schiff claims Democrats might be able to gather enough evidence without revealing the person's identity at all. This comes as President Trump again tweeted today the whistleblower must be named.

Speaking of testimony, former White House official Fiona Hill's is reportedly shedding light on concerns Trump’s former National Security Advisor John Bolton had with efforts to have Ukraine investigate Trump's political rivals. According to reports, Hill told Congress that Bolton compared Rudy Giuliani's efforts to a "drug deal," and wanted nothing to do with it. To review, Trump fired Bolton last month over disagreements with "many of his suggestions."

On a related note, Republican congressman Matt Gaetz [[ GATES ]] says he was asked to leave Hill’s deposition. Gaetz doesn’t sit on any of the three committees conducting yesterday’s hearing in the impeachment inquiry and essentially, tried to crash. Gaetz sits on the Judiciary Committee, which is not part of the inquiry. A parliamentarian ruled that Gaetz would have to leave after Schiff objected to his presence. Gaetz is a vocal defender of President Trump and has been highly critical of the impeachment inquiry.

Republicans have been calling for the full release of transcripts of the depositions. Democrats have said they will release the transcripts after they have been cleared of any classified material.

Source: MSNBC