Syrian Army Makes A Deal With Kurds To Counter Turkish Invasion

Kurdish forces are making a deal with the Syrian Army to counter a Turkish invasion.

The deal will allowed the Syrian military to move into Kurdish-held areas along the border with Turkey. The Kurds had to surrender two key cities back to Syria for the pact to be put in place.

Turkish forces started moving into Northern Syria after the White House announced that U.S. forces were pulling out of the area. Kurdish forces had fought alogside the U.S. in the fight against ISIS, but had fought against the Syrian Army.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s former Defense Secretary has a something to say about the situation. On NBC's Meet the Press, James Mattis said that national security is "tied inextricably to our alliances," and said that by pulling troops out of the region, ISIS activity will pick back up. Mattis said for anyone wondering exactly how he feels about the current situation in Syria, his page-and-a-half long resignation letter addresses the topic.

Source: The Guardian

Photo Credit: Getty Images