Trump Reacts As Biden Accuses Him Of Betraying The Nation

He may have minced his words before, but no more: former Vice President Joe Biden charges that President Trump “has betrayed the nation” and “should be impeached.” During a campaign event in New Hampshire, Biden said Trump has already indicted and convicted himself "in full view of the American people."

Biden also accused Trump of encouraging foreign interference in U.S. elections and accused Trump of spreading "lies, distortions and smears" about him and his family.

Biden warned that Trump has "picked a fight with the wrong guy” and argued that Trump's tenure has been marked by "ridiculousness."

Trump’s response? He says Biden’s "falling like a rock" in the Democratic presidential race. Talking at the White House, Trump also used the word "sinking" and said he “feels badly” for Biden. President Trump also alleged very unfair treatment by House Democrats calling the impeachment proceedings a “scam” and a “hoax.” The White House is refusing to cooperate in the impeachment inquiry.

While the President may feel that way, more Americans appear to disagree. In fact, a new Fox News poll has 51% of those polled supporting Trump’s impeachment and removal from office.

Source: C-SPAN