Bonus Segment: The White Bow in a Woman's Hair Turns Out to Be

The idea of trying to hide something in plain sight doesn't always work. Especially if you're trying to hide drugs in front of police.

An Arkansas woman named Jessica Kropp was pulled over for an expired car registration and she also didn't have insurance on the vehicle. Add that she was driving on a suspended license and you'll understand why officers were interested in talking with her. As Kropp begged the officers not to have her car towed, they noticed a small, white bow in her hair...which turned out to be a bag of meth.

She claimed she didn't know what it was, and that someone else put it there. What else did Kropp have? Bags of meth in her purse, a THC vape pen, and another one loaded with THC and meth. She's facing all kinds of charges.

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