Bonus Segment: Fake Arrest Of Lingerie Models Lands Cop In Trouble

A Miami Beach officer was involved in a bust of three lingerie models recently and it was all caught on video.

The problem is the arrest was fake. The video posted on social media shows a uniformed police officer escorting three lingerie-clad women in handcuffs to the doors of Miami Beach Police Department headquarters in an apparently staged arrest. In a follow-up video, the officer is seen on a police-issued ATV speaking with the women, who appear to thank him for helping them out.

The videos were posted to an Instagram account belonging to Francia James, a Playboy cover model and performance artist from Miami, who also appears to be one of the women in handcuffs. James tagged fellow models, Julianne Kissinger and Maddy Belle, as well. The video has accumulated over two million views in just a few days.

The officer is now on paid leave as the department investigates the circumstances surrounding the videos.

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