Robert De Niro Sued By Former Assistant

Robert De Niro may be headed to court again. The actor has been sued by a former assistant, who claims he was inappropriate and verbally abusive with her. But get this, he sued her first over in the summer, among the claims that Graham Chase Robinson watched 55 episodes of “Friends” in a four-day period...while at work. He also alleges that she misused a company credit card.

Now? Robinson is saying he wasn’t exactly the best boss either. In fact, she’s suing him for gender-based harassment over sexually-charged comments, talking to her in a “hostile, abusive and intimidating manner,” getting drunk and hostile, and assigning her “stereotypically female duties”... and those are just some of the accusations. She even resigned her $300-THOUSAND per year gig over email.

The accusations of verbal abuse allegation come along with an angry voicemail from De Niro, where he calls her a “brat” and threatens to fire her. De Niro’s attorney calls the whole case “beyond absurd” in a statement to TMZ. Incidentally? She's suing for $12-million...he was suing her for $6-million.

Source: TMZ