Las Vegas Shooting Victims To Split Nearly $800M

Victims of the Las Vegas shooting are about to get at least 735-million-dollars, according to their attorney, Eglet Adams – who says it could go up to $800-million. The settlement with MGM comes as the city just marked the two-year anniversary this week.

As you might recall, 58 people were killed and hundreds more hurt when a gunman opened fire on a country festival from his room at Mandalay Bay back in October 2017. The lawyer says while nothing will bring them back, "this settlement will provide fair compensation."

Adams also says that he’s been “very impressed” with MGM for agreeing to this landmark settlement. While the deal was reach Monday, it wasn’t announced until yesterday - as MGM and the lawyers agreed it would be best to wait until after anniversary ceremonies took place to make the announcement.

Adams estimates it will take until the end of next year to award the money to the estimated 44-hundred victims. About half of those victims are from California, and the other half live in eight other states. As for how much each claimant will receive, the final amount will depend how many people opt in to the settlement.

Source: CBS News

Photo Credit: Getty Images