Cameron Crowe Talks "Almost Famous"

"Cameron Crowe ran into Elton John last year at a party thrown by David Geffen. “I hear you’re doing a musical version of ‘Almost Famous,’” John said. “I love Tom Kitt” – Crowe’s collaborator – “but you’d better use ‘Tiny Dancer!’”

“Hell, yes — and thank you!” Crowe replied, then skedaddled, lest John have second thoughts.

“Tiny Dancer” is right where it should be in “Almost Famous,” which opened last week at San Diego’s Old Globe theater. But this is no jukebox musical: Crowe and Kitt, who won a Pulitzer for “Next to Normal,” have written 20 new songs that, judging from the reviews, sit nicely beside the classics by David Bowie, the Allman Brothers, Deep Purple, Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens that flit through the show."