Pelosi Explains Impeachment In Call With Dems, As Trump Goes On The Attack

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is explaining her thinking on opening an impeachment inquiry against President Trump. In a phone call with fellow House Democrats, the California congresswoman reportedly said she saw enough of the facts about the whistleblower complaint to warrant moving forward with an impeachment inquiry.

She also noted that she's always believed impeaching the President is a very divisive move unless it's completely necessary. Nevertheless, she said the House is ready if facts prove impeachment necessary. To that end, Pelosi says she is committed to advancing the impeachment inquiry against Trump regardless of the political consequences.

Speaking at the 2019 Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas, the California Democrat alsop said she is committed to her sworn obligation "to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic." Pelosi asserted her conviction that if the President's "pattern of behavior" goes unchecked, we will have "the equivalent of a monarchy," not a republic. She says news that Trump called on the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden's son, Hunter has left her "heartbroken."

Meanwhile, a defiant Trump put up quite a tweetstorm yesterday, not only with his only commentary – but retweeting comments and interviews that support his assertion that he did nothing wrong. He also posted a video assailing Democrats for “trying to stop ME, because I am fighting for YOU!” You can see the complete video to the right.

A new poll finds a growing number of Americans are troubled by the Ukrainian scandal. The ABC News/Ipsos poll shows more than 60% of those surveyed call it a “serious problem” for the President. The poll find that 43% considered Trump's interactions with the Ukrainian leader to be a "very serious" problem. About a third of those polled said the revelations “are not serious” 0 but also interesting – 17% said they weren’t surprised by Trump’s actions as it relates to Ukraine. The survey notes the response split heavily along partisan lines with more Democrats than Republicans calling it a serious issue.

Source: ABC News