Bonus Segment: Guy Tailgating Sends Message To Driver That He Has To "Poop"

So a man was out driving in Japan last week when he noticed that a van had started tailgating him. The guy said it was freaking him out and didn't know what to do. Then he said he got an AirDrop message on his iPhone.

If you don't have an iPhone or you don't know what AirDropping is, it's a feature that lets you send photos and files to any iPhones that are nearby. And unless you tweak your privacy settings, anyone nearby can try to Airdrop you a picture.

Well, what an AirDrop message he got. It came from the driver of the van that was tailgating him. The message was very to the point. It simply said,  "Poop. Let me pass."

The man understood exactly what the man was saying and pulled over to the side of the road and let the man pass him so he could get to a toilet. 

The guy posted a screenshot of the AirDrop message on Twitter, and now it's going viral.

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