Trump Reacts To Impeachment Inquiry: It's A Joke

President Trump is calling the House impeachment inquiry the single biggest witch hunt in American history. Talking with reporters in New York, Trump also called it disgraceful. "It's a joke,” he offered. “Impeachment for that? When you have a wonderful meeting? ... It was beautiful. It was just a perfect conversation."

He also denied pressuring Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky [[VLO-doe-meer ze-LEN-skee]] to investigate former VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who had some business dealings in Ukraine. Trump said there's considerable "fake news and a lot of corrupt reporting." He also touted his record and claimed his poll numbers are very good.

"There was no pressure,” Trump added in a separate photo op with Zelensky. “The way you had it built up, that call, it was going to be the call from hell."

Asked by reporters if he felt any pressure from Trump to investigate Biden and his son – as Democrats say the transcript shows – Zelensky said he didn’t. "I'm sorry but I don't want to be involved to democratic elections of U.S.A.,” he replied. “No…I think, good phone call. It was normal, we spoke about many things, and I, so I think and you read it that nobody pushed it, nobody pushed me."

And something else he and Mr. Trump agreed about? Their meeting in person. Opening the event, after the President made his initial remarks, Zelensky quipped, “It’s a great pleasure…to be here, and it’s better to be on TV than by phone, I think.”

Source: White House