Bonus Segment: Painting Of Channing Tatum Without Pants Sells For $6,600



If you're looking for a picture to hang in your house that isn't another cliche print but rather made by an artist with a vision, attention to detail, and imagination, we have found it for you.

An original oil painting featuring Channing Tatum and all his glory was recently put up for auction on eBay and it garnered a ton of bids. In fact, the painting just sold for a whopping $6,600.

The realistic portrait was up for grabs in a listing by Los Angeles artist Chris Mann. The oil-on-wood original painting depicts Tatum sitting and wearing nothing but a gray sweater, which he tugs at slightly with one hand. His bare right leg is bent in an act of slight self-censorship, but the bulk of his scrotum is left shining in the light.

This is probably the reason why the painting went for over $6,000. According to the description, Mann's work is "charged with emotional resonance, rife with sensuality." The opening bid price was $230.

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