Demi Moore Opens Up About Troubled Childhood, Aftermath Of Kutcher Split

Demi Moore may be one of the highest-paid actresses in history, with multiple smash hit movies under her belt since making her film debut in the 80s… but that doesn’t mean it’s been smooth sailing. The actress sat down for an interview with “Good Morning America” yesterday, opening up about her troubled childhood and rough splits detailed in her new memoir, “Inside Out.”

Speaking to Diane Sawyer, Moore says that the “lost herself” after parting ways with Ashton Kutcher. To cope with the pain, she broke her longtime sobriety, which led to a falling out with her three daughters including Rumer Willis, along with her ex-husband and friend Bruce Willis… at that point, she knew she hit a low point.

After some self-reflection, Moore realized that a lot of her pain actually stems from her troubled childhood. She calls it “colorful,” but admits that there were some dark moments – that includes realizing that the man she knew as her father actually wasn’t, and being put “in harm’s way” as she took care of her mother, who struggled with alcoholism and mental health issues.

Source: People