Bob Iger: I Considered A Run For President

Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger admits he thought about running for president, but his wife was against the idea.

“I was approached a few years ago by a few people - some people in politics - suggesting that I consider it seriously and I did give it some consideration,” Iger told WOR’s “Len Berman and Michael Riedel.”

Iger said he thought about the idea and even studied it. But Iger decided against it, in part, because his wife was against the idea.

“I don’t think she wanted to be First Lady for anything - mayor, city council, governor, senator, president, you name it,” Iger said.

Iger is the author of the new book, “The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images