Trump Orders More Sanctions On Iran, Turns Up Verbal Heat Again

Now we know what President Trump has decided regarding Iran. Maybe. What’s for certain? Trump has ordered more sanctions on Iran over the recent missile attack on a Saudi Arabian oil refinery. Trump tweeted that he is directing Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to "substantially increase" sanctions on Iran.

Beyond that, Mr. Trump says the U.S. “is in a very powerful position” with the country. And while he didn’t detail what exactly that means, Trump did say he’s not talking about war…not yet. He also talked about American military might. But that’s in contrast to the tougher tone being taken by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

In the Middle East to discuss the response to the attack with allies, Pompeo called the incident an “act of war.” Pompeo also tweeted after a meeting with the Saudi crown prince, saying the U.S. “stands with Saudi Arabia” and “supports its right to defend itself.” He added that threats from Iran “will not be tolerated.” No clarification on what that means either. The U.S. believes Iran was behind the attacks that knocked out a significant portion of Saudi Arabia's oil production.

Source: White House