A Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies, Puts The Case In Limbo

One of Kevin Spacey’s accusers has died. The massage therapist filed suit against the Oscar winner for sexual assault in 2018 as a John Doe plaintiff. He claimed that Kevin had attacked him in 2016 at a private home session in Malibu.

Spacey’s legal team filed a “notice of statement noting plaintiff’s death” in the federal case on Tuesday. They said that they found out about the death on September 11th. “No further information or details have been given to Mr. Fowler’s counsel, but Plaintiff’s counsel stated they intended to notify the Court with additional information at an appropriate time in the future,” the filing said. For the record, teg actor’s real name is Kevin Fowler.

The lawyer for the therapist confirmed his untimely death, but slammed Spacey’s team for filing the notice so fast. The filing puts the case on a 90-day countdown. Unless the estate is substituted in the person’s place, the court might dismiss the case. Genie Harrison said, “Mr. Doe’s family must now open his estate at the same time as planning a funeral and processing their grief.”

Source: Page Six