Report: Intelligence Shows Saudi Attack Originated In Iran

President Trump may have been “locked and loaded” at one point, but no more. While U.S. intelligence agencies believe the weekend attack on a Saudi Arabian oil refinery was launched from Iran, Trump’s initial reaction has been replaced with a more muted tone.

"I don't want war with anybody," Trump told reporters yesterday. "We have the strongest military in the world ... we're prepared, more than anybody." Trump added that he wasn’t sure about Iran’s involvement and when asked if he had a message for Iran, he demurred. "I think I'll have a stronger message or maybe no message at all when we get the final results of what we're looking at," he said. "You know there's no rush."

He may be waiting for the “final results” to cross his desk, but a number of sources familiar with the case are telling NBC that there's compelling evidence showing that the attack originated inside Iran's borders and wasn't just carried out by Iranian proxies. A congressional source also told NBC that the attack this weekend was very sophisticated and that Democrats will not dispute the evidence.

Source: NBC News