Bonus Segment: Drunk Man Climbs Electric Pole And Gets Shocked

There is no substitute for experience and for one daredevil, his experience climbing up an electrical pole while drunk taught him never to do it again.

Tyler Uher had been drinking before performing a high-risk stunt in front of a crowd of students outside a house party near Ohio University over the weekend. He thought it would be great fun if he climbed nearly 30 feet up the pole and held on to the electrical wires attached to the pole. He soon learned that was not a great idea.

Students had been taking a video of the stunt and cheers quickly turn to screams as sparks flew everywhere and he plummetted 30 feet to the ground. Video shows that people came to his aid but he was in pretty bad shape.

Tyler suffered four breaks in his back, three broken leg bones, hand fracture, and burns. He also posted a video of his injuries from hospital bed which showed the severity of the fall. He is asking for donations to help him pay for the medical bills now that he can't work.

Video of the fall was shared anonymously on social media over the weekend and has been viewed more than 800,000 times.

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