Bonus Segment: Passenger Was So Drunk

Imagine being so drunk on an airplane that you pass out and wake up thinking you never left.

A Ryanair passenger experienced that after she was so drunk that when she landed in Ireland from Alicante she believed she was still in Spain. Ciara Bradshaw is from Limerick and was arrested when she landed at Shannon airport last month. She pleaded guilty to two charges under the Air Navigation and Transport Act for her drunkenness and verbal abuse of staff.

The court heard that she had consumed “a toxic mix” of alcohol, including Bailey’s Irish Cream and Smirnoff vodka, as well as prescription medication Xanax before the flight because she was a nervous flyer. The plane captain said that the crew was worried that she was so drunk during the flight that she might put other passengers at risk.

She told the court she phoned to the police station the following day to apologize. She ended up paying a fine and avoided conviction.

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