Is a Miracle Happening in a Chicago Church ?

A church is telling people that a miracle took place inside the walls of their building. 

Worshipers at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago believe that a miracle and a sign from God has been given to them. A caretaker at the Church says that real tears are flowing down the face of their statue of the Virgin Mary inside the church. 

Once word of this has spread, the Church now has people from all over the country and the world planning on making a trip to visit the statue.  The residue of the oil-like substance streaming from the Virgin Mary's eyes remains, with many believing the oil has healing properties and that its origins are a blessing from God.

Also the church is facing foreclosure and is due to go to bankruptcy court today. It appears that the Church avoided foreclosure late last year after a generous anonymous donation, but an issue with the money arose and forced the church to go up for sale again. 

in the community. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images