Dorian Stomps Along Carolina Coast

Hurricane Dorian is losing some steam, but not soon enough as she’s well made her presence felt in the Carolinas – especially North Carolina. The National Hurricane Center says hurricane conditions are spreading along areas of the coast as the storm continues moving northeast at about 13 miles per hour.

Now a category two storm, folks in southeast Virginia and southeast Massachusetts will also feel the impacts today and tomorrow. What’s that mean? Heavy rain and high winds – and not just on the coast. Tropical storm conditions have been battering North Carolinians more than 50 miles inland.

Meanwhile, the death toll in the Bahamas is increasing. Officials say at least 30 people are dead in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. As we’ve been telling you, the storm devastated the islands over the weekend, hitting as a category five hurricane and hardly moving for nearly two days. Images from the islands show homes and debris scattered everyone. Health officials expect the death toll to rise as search efforts continue.

Source: Weather Channel